Did You Get Any Money Back?

Posted by Julie Danna on Nov 6, 2017 4:57:33 PM
Did you receive money back on your workers' comp premium last year?

Congratulations to our ECMA members who have recently received a visit from Julie Danna who's been out dropping off dividend checks from the ECMA Workers Comp dividend program.

ECMA recognizes that workers compensation insurance is an expensive part of "doing business".  The AmTrust Dividend program was established to offer our safeTy conscience members an opportunity to contain costs.  As our participating members will contest; safety did pay off.

Since the rates for workers' compensation insurance are set by the state, prices are the same no matter where you secure coverage. But now, members are eligible for this 30% dividend, which effectively reduces the true cost of coverage.

For example:
  •  $10K premium has returned an average dividend of 30%, or $3,000
  • $5K premium has returned an average dividend of $1,500
  • $2K premium has returned an average dividend of $600

Other programs may offer similar dividends on an individual basis, but our program is based on the group's experience and not the individual's experience. This provides a better chance to not only receive the dividend, but to receive a higher dividend.

AmTrust North America (formerly Comp Options) has been a true partner to the Emerald Coast Medical Society for many years, and now, with the resources of AmTrust - rated "A" (Excellent) by A.M. Best - we are able to provide this exclusive enhanced dividend program that is like no other for Florida physicians and medical practices.

For more information on the ECMA workers' compensation insurance program, call Julie Danna at 850.530.3924

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Beware of Color Contacts

Posted by Michelle Flaat on Oct 31, 2017 8:25:04 PM

Christmas is not the only holiday that makes grown-ups feel and act like kids again. October is here and from light-up fairies to inflatable T-rexes, Halloween costumes get more elaborate each year, with a range of options from adorable to terrifying. A long way from the days of cutting eye holes in a sheet, today’s halloween get-ups are truly awesome, with head to toe accessories to complete the look.

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Reputation Management

Posted by Michelle Flaat on Sep 22, 2017 12:36:21 PM

Unless you diligently follow this topic, what you thought you knew about doctors and hospital reputation management has probably changed. In fact, this is one tech-savvy, computer-centric landscape that is constantly evolving.  We want to provide you a brief update about what may have changed since you last read about this topic as well as the importance of online reputation and what it means for business development.

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Doctor-Patient Communication is Not Just Verbal

Posted by Michelle Flaat on Jul 20, 2017 12:37:56 PM

A study published in the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice puts a spotlight on the importance of body language and the role nonverbal clues can play in a Doctor-Patient Relationship.  These nonverbal clues used every day help determine how we react to others and in building trust and/or distrust in our encounters with people.  These types of communication can play an important role in the examination room as well.

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Avoid the Rising Insurance Premiums

Posted by Michelle Flaat on Mar 17, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Medical malpractice insurance coverage rates are predicted to rise in the near future, except for the Emerald Coast Medical Association malpractice insurance program members.

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