The Improvement of AI’s Application in Healthcare

Posted by Emerald Coast Medical Association on Jan 18, 2019 9:32:34 AM
Artificial intelligence beat out a professional looking for precancerous changes in the cervix. The National Cancer Institute designed the AI's algorithm for low-resource areas. The machine was given around 60,000 images from a study done in the 1990s in Costa Rica. These images then helped accurately identify cervical cancer. When the AI was then tested, it overperformed from its human counterparts. This was not due to lack of skills from the professional, but just simple human error and speed. This kind of technology used in places that do not have the resources could be monumental. AI like this could also become the new norm everywhere soon. All the healthcare worker would need is a camera and the system to perform the task, which in return would bring treatment in a single visit.

AI's use in the medical field is slowly becoming more and more effective, for both healthcare professionals and the individuals needing treatment. Roughly 2.5 billion dollars is being wasted every year on ineffective treatments. Professionals are forced to use a trial and error method whereas AI can quickly pinpoint a more precise treatment. AI is keeping patients out of the office too. A virtual assistant could be used instead of going back and forth from doctor to doctor. The assistant would also keep the patients up to date on medication, what medicine should be used and when, and keep track on whether the patient is getting worse or better.

Heavier use of AI would cut costs and time spent on patients. AI could potentially reduce costs by 50 percent simply by not having human errors and by making sure doctors have the proper information needed for a patient. This would also save doctors time and effort on patients. Instead of being stuck on one problem, AI could help assist healthcare professionals to move from one patient to the next with ease.

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