A Look at Types of Universal Healthcare

Take Care of Yourself

Ongoing Opioid Guideline Issues

New Tech Means Better Living

CDC is Listening

Weight-Related Cancers on the Rise

Insurance Struggles?

Is Medicare For All the Solution?

Health Tips for Busy Physicians

Fitness Trackers to Save Lives

The Issue of Online Medical (Mis)Information

A Closer Look at "Surprise Billing"

Five Tips for Child Health From a Pediatrician

Another Falsified EHR Vendor Identified

The "War on Opioids" Needs to End

Big Hospitals Sue HHS

Walgreens Becoming the New Leader in the Consumer Health Market

The Improvement of AI’s Application in Healthcare

Government Shutdown & Healthcare

Social Determinants of Health Influence in 2018

Surprise, Unexpected Medical Bills!

ECMA Cares About Preventing Doctor Suicide

FDA Moves Forward With New Technology

Should Doctors “Stay in Their Lane..”?

Three Ways to Apply Cost Control to Your Office

Reasons for Patients Ignoring Physician Advice

CMS Modifies Proposed Changes to E/M Codes

Post Hurricane Member Resources

Providing Support to Those Experiencing Burnout

Hurricane Michael Recovery: Physician Resources

October - Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Practice Updates for Hurricane Michael Impacted Areas

Protecting Our Members from Cybersecurity Threats

Easing Restriction on Medication-Assisted Addiction Treatment

Senate Passes Bill in Response to Opioid Crisis

CMS Overpayment Rule Overturned

Federal CSR Case is a Win for ACA Insurers

Arming Ourselves Against Physician Burnout

Prescription Limits Are Not The Answer

Preventing Human Errors in Radiology

Stress About Care Adds to Patients’ Health Concerns

What’s Your Number? New Blood Pressure Guidelines Impact Millions

Abuse-Deterrent Drugs: Should We Believe the Hype?

Will New FDA Guidance Really Lower Drug Prices?

CMS Proposal Aims to Improve Doctor-Patient Relationships

Remedying the Shortage in Mental Healthcare

What’s Driving U.S. Healthcare Costs Higher?

Doctors & Depression: How Much is Too Much?

Cyber-Attacks on Medical Devices: More Common Than We Thought

Regulating Opioids: Chronic Pain Patients Caught in the Crossfire

Health Organizations Concerned by Proposed Medicaid Changes

HHS Secretary Azar Plans Sweeping Changes

Employment Practices Liability - Why You Need It

Educated Patients Can Be Their Own Best Care Providers

Who Can Solve the Opioid Crisis?

3-D Printing: The Future is Now!

Science Breakthroughs: Cleaning Up the Nation’s Water

Florida's New Law on Controlled Substance Prescribing

Medical Tourism Could Be More Than You Bargained For

Why Medical Associations are Important

CME Accreditation: What Is It Good For?

Opiate Epidemic: What Can Be Done?

Is a Group Health Plan the Same as Group Health Insurance?Your Blog Post Title Here...

How Will the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Affect You?

Promising New Advances in Cancer Detection

February 2018 - Accountable Care Organizations

Protecting Your Data in the Digital Age

Medicare Advantage Starts Strong in 2018

What is the Weekend Effect?

Positive Trends in Medicaid

I Know We Need a Doctor. I Don’t Know What Kind.

The Benefit of Urgent Care Clinics

Where Is Healthcare Headed in 2018?

MACRA Is Here...Are You Prepared?

How 2017 Advanced Health Research

Preparing for ACA Repeal (Or Not)

Can a Cold Medicine Cure Cancer?

Navigating the Shifting Sands of National Healthcare

The Value of a Good Reputation

Hepatitis C: The Silent Epidemic

Chronic Care Management: How Best To Implement It?

Cyber Insurance For Healthcare Providers

The Battle Against Physician Burnout

Did You Get Any Money Back?

How Will Healthcare Repeal or Reform Affect You?

Beware of Color Contacts

Cyber Attacks in Healthcare

Opioid Addiction Crisis

Telehealth Expansion Legislation Progressing

Secure Text Messaging for Healthcare

Reputation Management

Correlation Between Opioid Abuse and Infectious Disease

Cyber Liability Insurance: What it is and How to Get Help

Managing Negative Online Review from Patients

Family Physicians Most In-Demand Specialty

Patient Matching Could be Key in Lowering Medical Malpractice

Zika Virus: What It Is and What is Currently Known

Insurance Fraud and Opioid Addiction at an all Time High

Florida Supreme Court Rules Medical Malpractice Award Caps Unconstitutional

Doctor-Patient Communication is Not Just Verbal

Protect Your Business from Cyber Breaches

CMS Doubles Down on Chronic Care Management

Being Pitched on Starting or Joining a Captive?

Bill Proposes Limits to Malpractice Awards

10 Things to Know About New CMS MACRA Rule

Florida Supreme Court Deems Caps Unconstitutional

Fighting The Opioid Epidemic

ECMA Members Featured in the Circuit Magazine

Part 2: What Actions to Take When You've Received a Phishing Email

Part 1: What is Phishing and How Do I Spot a Phishing Email?

Global Cyber Attack Updates

The Importance of Digital Marketing for Healthcare Providers

MARCA Updates

Physician Burnout Presents Differently in Male and Female Doctors

Risk Management Strategies for Disruptive Behavior

5 Misconceptions about Cyber Liability Exposures

Ransomware: A Blackmail Security Breach

Keep a Handle on Your Practice’s Social Media

Tax Season is the Reason for Cyberattacks

Avoid the Rising Insurance Premiums

Credit Business Services, Inc. Enters Partnership with ECMA

Stroke Prevention

Vaccinate Your Baby

Brain Health


October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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